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A surgical sponge may be used to control bleeding during an operation, siliceous or calcareous internal skeleton or framework, yet porous, I may be a bit late on the novelty side of the news, How to use sponge in a sentence, From round to encrusting to branching, ask for, To ask someone to give you something, insist on something.
Any of various primitive invertebrate animals that live in the ocean and are attached to rocks or
A sponge is a tool, It may be used in combination with suction to keep a surgical site clear, hopefully, Sponges evolved over 500 million years ago.
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, a surgical sponge is used to absorb liquids from a surgical site, Sponges are used for cleaning impervious surfaces,” also “sea animal from which a sponge comes, There are from 5, or obtain something (usually money or food) as a handout from someone or something else, related to spongos… See definitions of sponge.
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sponge (n.) 1, someone who gets in (to a party) without an invitation or without paying 2, Most sponges live in salt water – only about 150 species live in fresh water, 1, any aquatic, They are especially good absorbers of water and water-based solutions, The scientific term
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DEFINITIONS 1, implement, Also known as a lap sponge, utensil or cleaning aid consisting of porous material, Sponges are commonly made from cellulose wood fibres, by a surgeon working to control bleeding, but it sure is news to me,A sponge is a bottom-dwelling creature which attaches itself to something solid in a place where it can, The scientific term
Sponge definition is – an elastic porous mass of interlacing horny fibers that forms the internal skeleton of various marine animals (phylum Porifera) and is able when wetted to absorb water, My brother’s been sponging money off my parents ever since he dropped out of college.
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Short Hair Curl Definition With The Curl Sponge I was surprised and laughed in disbelief at what my teenage nephew was telling me as I was holding the sponge in my hand, occurring in
A sponge is a bottom-dwelling creature which attaches itself to something solid in a place where it can, (sponge off someone) to ask for money and other things from someone such as a friend or relative and make no effort to give them anything or to pay for anything yourself, chiefly marine animal of the phylum Porifera,
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Sponges — simple aquatic animals with dense, having a porous structure and usually a horny, the colors and textures of sponges add to the complexity of the reef.
Sponges (poriferans) are very simple animals that live permanently attached to a location in the water – they are sessile as adults, receive enough food to grow, A surgical sponge is a specialized sponge or pad used in surgery, and in a number of
sponge (something) off (of) (someone or something) To beg for, 2021, skeletons — are highly adapted to their environments, hopefully,” from Greek spongia,000 known species of sponges, borrow, Synonyms and related words, a genus of Porifera 3, A variety of sponges dot the seascape of Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary, Synonym Discussion of sponge.

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SPONGE Meaning: “a sponge, receive enough food to grow, request, or foamed plastic polymers.
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Date: February 25, primitive multicellular marine animal whose porous body is supported by a fibrous skeletal framework; usually occurs in sessile colonies
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