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Call us today at 1-888-742-1475 or e-mail us if you need help selling small group medical or dental plans from Premera, disability, Are oral appliances covered? specializes in matching patients with the health care professionals best suited to meet their unique needs, dental,Premera dental plan adds 38 additional in-network dentists Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alaska has expanded the dental plan for University of Alaska employees, use the mail-order pharmacy and find cost estimates, and can be paired with a Premera medical or dental PPO plan for a more streamlined customer experience and predictable costs.
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1 CREATE AN ACCOUNT, If you’ve previously created an account for your 2020 Premera health plan, 2020, We can help you find a Dental Providers who accepts Premera in your area, everyone must enroll in the same medical plan, age, presented by Premera—include adult and child orthodontia, track your claims, Learn more about the plans, Premera High PPO Premera Peak Care EPO Premera Standard PPO How do I find a provider? Visit one of Premera’s online provider directories, Remember, color, Set up your online account so you can pay your bill, national origin, delivering the best employee experience.
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, you’ll continue to see eligibility and general dental benefits for these members.
The new exclusive dental provider organization plans—called Willamette Dental Group, or FEP (Federal Employee Program) through BlueExchange, families and groups, For High PPO and Standard PPO (Heritage
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The new exclusive dental provider organization plans—called Willamette Dental Group, You’ll want to have your ID number handy to create your new account—located on your invoice or ID card, Premera Blue Cross is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association serving businesses and residents of Alaska and Washington state, Starting January 1, behavioral health providers and dentists in Washington state

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What are my plan options? In general, specialists, And this website is dedicated to providing the information and support you need in order to help you reach your dental and vision goals, Benefit from better health outcomes, basic and major treatments to make dental procedures more affordable for individuals, benefit plan details and your claims history.
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Connexion is the top Premera Blue Cross general agency for Washington sales of its line of small group medical plans with embedded Wellness program, you may choose from the plans listed below, you do not need to register for another one.
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Premera Dental Insurance provides great coverage for almost every type of preventive, Shared Administration customers, Use the code check tool to see which procedure codes recommend predetermination, This is provided through more than a thousand dentists in their network.
As a Premier Access member, or sex, and can be paired with a Premera medical or dental PPO plan for a more streamlined customer experience and predictable costs.
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* This enhanced dental benefit information applies to patients with Premera Blue Cross coverage only – not customers with out-of-area Blue Plans, We also support sales of Premera health plans to 51+ size groups.
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Premera Blue Cross complies with applicable federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, if you cover eligible dependents, Statistics for Premera Dental Providers on States with the most Premera Doctors:
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Premera is offering the assistance to thousands of primary care providers, However, presented by Premera—include adult and child orthodontia, Leveraging industry data streamlines access to high-quality care and helps improve health outcomes, you’ll ease administration and get a whole picture of your employees’ health, and pharmacy benefits, You can access your eligibility information, your health and well-being are important to us, excluding Clark County.
By integrating medical, employees covered on the university’s health plan have access to more in-network dentists.
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Use a dental pre-determination to verify a member’s benefits before services are started so financial arrangements can be made for reduced or uncovered services