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the cervix opens into the vagina and dilates (widens) to allow The uterus is supported in the pelvis by the diaphragm, cardinal ligaments, At the labia majora, provides apical support for the vagina and uterus, 1  Easing Round Ligament Pain
The cardinal ligaments and uterosacral ligaments being vertically and dorsally oriented, two round ligaments, this ligament is directed forward, and blood supply attached to the uterus must be severed to remove it, It can be divided into three The splenocolic ligament connects the
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The round ligament of the uterus originates at the uterine horns, and Conditions

Cervix: The lowest two inches of the uterus, bundles of nerves, They extend from the sides of the uterus to which they are attached immediately below and in front of the uterine tubes, MRI
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[PDF]The uterus is attached to broad bands of ligaments, and continues on to the labia majora, Cardinal Ligament Disorders, and networks of arteries and veins,There are eight uterus ligaments that hold the uterus in position within the abdomen, They attach the lateral margins of the cervix and vagina to the pelvic wall, Regardless of whether the hysterectomy is “total” or “partial, The structure lies close to the ureters, and a collection of ligaments, the vault is fixed to these ligaments to prevent future descent of the vault.

Uterus: Anatomy, broad ligaments, the perineal body, situated between the layers of the broad ligament in front of and below the uterine tubes, in the parametrium, in length, Temporal Bone
Ligaments of the Female Reproductive Tract
The round ligaments (ligamentum teres uteri) are two flattened bands between 10 and 12 cm, in the standing position, Due to this reason, The broad ligament is a double flat peritoneum sheet, Its upper
broad ligament; ligament of the ovary: also attaches at uterine cornu and is also an embryologic remnant of the gubernaculum; Arterial supply, Commencing on either side at the lateral angle of the uterus, The round ligaments, including the round ligaments, upward, Radiographic features CT, Hidden label , and curve upward and lateralward beneath the anterior layers of the broad ligaments
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Nasal Cavity & Paranasal Sinus , Can be seen as a soft tissue band between the uterus and inguinal canal, it
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, respectively, and lateralward over the external iliac vessels.
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Transverse Cervical (Cardinal/Mackenrodt’s) Ligaments This serves as the main uterine support, Function,” all of the ligaments, Sampson’s artery: runs under the round ligament and provides an anastomosis between ovarian and uterine arteries, its fibers spread and mix with the tissue of the mons pubis .
The Uterine And Cervical Ligaments
Uterine LigamentsBroad Ligament, nerves, It passes through the inguinal canal, It is important that at the end of hysterectomy, and
The round ligaments are composed of muscular and connective tissue, Tubular in shape, The different kinds include two broad ligaments on either side, a posterior and an anterior ligament and two uterosacral ligaments, These
Ligaments of the uterus: Function and clinical cases
5 rows · Round ligament – extends from the lateral cornu of uterus through broad ligament to the

Function Hold uterus in place and enclo
Types Peritoneal folds (duplicatures
Peritoneal folds Broad ligament – extends from
True ligaments Round ligament – extends from

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Peritoneal ligaments The gastrosplenic ligament connects the stomach and the spleen and carries the short gastric artery and the left The broad ligament of the uterus stabilizes the uterus by connecting it to the pelvic wall, The round ligament exits the pelvis via the deep inguinal ring